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My Creative Space

We recently redecorated our home office. I figured since this is where I spend most of my time editing beautiful wedding films for my couples, I wanted it to be as conducive to creativity as possible. I’m also one of those kinds of people that likes a “place for everything and everything in its place”.

I wanted the window space all to myself so I could spy on the comings and goings of the neighbors. We strategized about how to clean up the floor and the closet so wires were hidden and all of my camera and packaging supplies were as inconspicuous as possible. I also wanted plants. Lots and lots of plants. I’ll share with you my “must have” list of the best office plants after the jump.

Here are the TOP 10 plants I sought out for the office and have yet to kill. They’re mostly chosen for their forest, elven look and low-maintenance care:
1. Goldon Pothos – rated one of the highest for purifying the air
2. Lemonbalm – nice smell
3. Succulents – basically no-maintenance
4. Moss – dug from the backyard and growing in a mug, mostly just so I can feel I’ve brought a little of the outdoors, indoors
5. Red Aglaonema – easy to grow with a hint of red
6. Mini White Fittonia – my favorite as it’s the cutest of them all
7. Fortissimo Fittonia
8. Ivy – classic elven foliage
9. Pan Am Pilea
10. Peppermint – nice smell and so I can use it for afternoon tea

Other fun details about where we gathered our supplies. Most things are from Ikea (the closet boxes should be very recognizable). We bought birch desktops and cut them to size for our desk and closet workspace. The desktop is supported by the computer cabinet in the center and 2×4’s screwed into the wall on the sides. We used scrap pieces of the desktops for shelving.

Wall hangings are papyrus prints my Grandma brought back from her Egypt trip years ago, a photo of Steve’s uncle on a motorcycle trip across the country and well into South America when he and Steve’s dad were in their 20’s. And to keep with the motorcycle theme, a photo of Steve and our daughter, Ada. Steve also has a little museum of various tech gadgets and books to remind him of his past now that he’s a sought after mobile developer.

Here are a few other randoms:
1. Desk lamps – Target
2. Rug – Ikea
3. Wurlitzer – neighbor’s trash
4. Pen Container – emptied Teavana tin
5. Mousepad – Ugmonk
6. Headphone Case – contact lens case purchased locally
7. Ceiling Fan (Steve expertly installed) – Lowe’s

I LOVE how this all turned out. It was a lot of planning, got to use power tools in the process, and managed to not electrocute myself in doing some basic electrical work. Hopefully, it inspires you in some way or gives you some ideas of your own for organizing your space. Just remember, when it comes to plants….let ’em run wild!

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