Featurette: Erik and Kristen

This has been a summer of being able to get to know some very unique couples. And I’ve been so grateful. One of the easiest ways for my couples’ personalities to shine through is when they write their own vows. If you’re even considering it, I’d let Erik and Kristen’s Featurette convince you. They weren’t able to share the vows they had written at their ceremony, so we planned to give them time during their First Look to be able to verbalize these thoughts and promises to each other.

And I’m so glad we did. Of all the marvelous parts of the day, these vows is where I wanted to focus their Featurette. You can see some of the very things they talk about as you watch. Erik and Kristen hold each other in such a special place in each other’s hearts and it’s easily apparent in listening to what they share. This is only part of what they had to say. I can’t wait for them to be able to relive it all in their full Feature Film!

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